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  Sheepskin rugs
We have an extensive range covering several different types of sheepskin with long and short wool for varying uses. From the ever popular sheep skin floor rugs to the ideal baby gift from our baby lambskin product range.
Baby lambskin products Baby lambskin products
The Bowron BabyCare baby lambskins are one of our best selling products. Essential all year, they make an excellent gift for both newborn babies and infants. As well as babies sleeping better and more comfortably, young children tend to hang on to their lambskin comforters for years. A very thoughtful gift. See Baby World UK review.
Specially treated to allow repeated machine washing. Available in both shorn and unshorn wool pile.
Bowron FleeceEase medical sheepskin rug Medical rugs
The Bowron FleeceEase is a premium quality sheepskin medical rug made from one extra large sheepskin pelt. Medical rugs are excellent to relieve the discomfort of those confined to a bed or wheelchair.
They are also great for anyone who has to sit in one place for a long time so can even improve the comfort of M25 rush hour commuters!
The special tanning process allows frequent washing whilst maintaining the unique benefits of sheepskin fibres.
Our medical sheepskin wheelchair covers and other seat pads are made from the same type of shorn sheepskins.
Sheepskin underlay Sheepskin underlays/mattress pads
The sheepskin underlays are like a very large medical rug. They are either rectangle or natural pelt shaped and can cover part or the whole mattress. Like a large multiple floor rug, they are made from several sheepskin pelts sewn together.
As well as being shorn to a uniform short length, the skin is specially tanned for bedding use. The premium rectangle underlays are finished off with neat edging and a soft backing to make this a product of the highest quality.
Classic Sheepskins lambskin rug pelt sizes Classic Sheepskins lambskin pelts
We offer a huge range of single and multi-pelt sheepskin rugs. As well as the traditional natural lambskin pelt shape rugs, we offer many size/shape options including rectangular, border and petal.
Also on offer are short wool sheepskin rugs as both a shorn shearling and a special clipped curly wool - great for UK customers looking for something a bit different.
We stock Classic's long wool Ivory White range for fast dispatch. Plus a choice of six further colours on a made-to-order basis. Plus we can have very large sheepskin rugs made, these start from 10 or 12 pelts.
Classic Sheepskins lambskin rug pelt sizes The natural black Classique rug shown would look great in a UK country cottage.
For regular multi-pelt rugs, the individual pelts are expertly matched, trimmed and sewn together. All sizes of rugs from single up to the magnificent large rectangular sheepskin border rug are made from carefully selected pelts and to our very high standards.
Can be used as both a floor rug and draped over almost any type of furniture including a bed.
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